Dr. AdrianaCurriculum Vitae

Dr. Adriana


Dr. Adriana Manera Scliar has over 15 years of experience offering high-quality dental services. Combining her talent and expertise, she creates personalized solutions for each patient, producing brilliant and durable results.


Dr. Adriana is finishing her Masters degree in Implant Dentistry. With several courses and specializations, plus many participations in National and International dentistry events, Dr. Adriana is always updating and improving her knowledge, so she can continue to offer her patients the safest and most up-to-date dental treatments.


Dr. Adriana has extensive knowledge in general dentistry and several cosmetic and rehabilitation treatments, such as: professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, non-metal restorations, full mouth rehabilitation, implants, partial prosthetics for facial rejuvenating, bridges, full dental prosthetics, among others. With these services, she is capable of taking care of your mouth and teeth, creating the perfect smile you always dreamed of.


“When I care for a patient, I focus on results. My goal is to preserve health offering modern dental treatments and top of the line technology. I work with the best prosthetics laboratories in the country. And the results speak for themselves: patient satisfaction in all aspects, comfort and beauty.” Dr. Adriana Manera Scliar